How to Save Money on Food During Your Summer Vacation

Are you gearing up for your summer vacation? If you are like most Americans, you may be vacationing on a budget. If you already made most of your travel plans, like if you booked your airline reservations and a hotel room, it will be difficult to cut too many expenses. Luckily, you still can with food. With careful planning and thinking outside of the box, you could reduce the cost of your summer vacation by $100 or $200 just by watching what you eat!

Always make use of free or discounted food. If staying at a hotel or resort, see what food extras are provided to guests. Special discounts may be offered just for guests for dinner. You may get a free cold breakfast, and so forth. Do not pass up too many of these special offers. They are a very easy and convenient way to save money; after all, you never leave the hotel property!

Avoid restaurants located right in the middle of popular vacation destinations. Are you traveling to Virginia Beach? Restaurants located along the coastline are costly to eat at. Use the internet to a little bit of research ahead of time or ask your hotel clerk. Aim for five or ten miles away. You are likely to find smaller crowds and better prices.

Look for moneysaving coupons. Many restaurants have coupons available. There are three good ways to find these coupons. First, use the internet to research nearby restaurants. Many travel websites will give you a large list in a matter of seconds. Visit their websites. Not only can you get an idea of the food available and their prices, but see if printable coupons are listed or review the list of daily specials. Many areas have Entertainment Books. These are books filled with coupons. They cost around $25 each, but are filled with hundreds of dollars worth of discounts. Visit the book website and view a sample of the coupons. It may be a wise investment. Finally, look in the hotel lobby. Many travel brochures and fliers have coupons attached.

Mix it up between fast food establishments, casual restaurants, and fancy sit down restaurants. If you are planning a romantic getaway with your spouse, you want to have the best. However, if you are on a budget, you need to reduce your expenses. To prevent boredom and get the best of both worlds, mix it up each night and try something different.

Eat in. Unless you stay at a vacation rental or book a suite, you will be lucky to get a refrigerator, let alone a working kitchen. This may make eating in seem impossible, but it isn?t. Stop at a nearby grocery store. Most have deli and carryout sections. Order a cold turkey sub, a small roasted chicken, and so forth. Bring the meal back to your hotel room. While at the grocery store, also buy snacks and drinks.

Buy drinks and snacks from grocery stores. At first glance, it will seem as if your resort community is only filled with convenience stores and gift shops. Ask your hotel clerk. He or she should know of a local grocery store. The prices will be lower. Stock up on dry food, snacks, and drinks. If you do not have a refrigerator in your room, buy a small foam cooler and keep it filled with ice. This may seem like a big inconvenience, but snacks and drinks can cost $1 or more less traditional grocery stores.

Outlined above was just a few of the many ways that you can reduce the cost of food on your upcoming summer vacation. With these tips, you can still have vacation of your dreams, only it will just cost less!

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